Chemistry in Action Lecture for the Lower Sixth

On 7 December, 31 Lower Sixth Chemistry students travelled to the Emmanuel Centre in London to attend a Chemistry in Action Lecture Day. The morning opened with an enlightening talk by Dr Stephanie Pendlebury on Spectroscopy, during which she explained how two amateur scientists managed to help develop our understanding of the atom today. Next, Dr Saiful Islam from the University of Bath conducted a lecture on green energy materials. From lithium-ion batteries in our phones to the development of new crystalline materials to advance green energy, with the help of his 3D specs of course! After lunch the group enjoyed some colourful chemistry demonstrations from Annie Hodgson, including a range of rainbow indicators and indoor fireworks. This lecture was definitely informative and fun! Perhaps being the most interesting of all the speakers, Dr Kathryn Harkup highlighted the dangers of beauty. We were introduced to the pain endured by Elizabethan women, striving to be the ‘fairest of them all’; and also explored the risks of Botox. Finally, Dr Kate Hendry gave an enlightening talk on her expedition to Greenland. Kate has a research group at the University of Bristol and she investigates the chemistry of sea water and how global warming and melting glaciers affect the chemical content of seawater.

Overall the group had a fantastic time advancing their chemical knowledge while listening to impressive and engaging talks from fascinating people in various chemistry fields.

Molly C-H, Lower Sixth