Chemists win RSC Olympiad Awards

Earlier in the year the Upper Sixth Chemistry students entered the RSC Olympiad. This is a very challenging competition and this year just under 12,000 students worldwide entered. This is a record number of students. Of these, 9% of candidates achieved a gold award, 23% a silver award and 39.5% a bronze award.

The following Upper Sixth students achieved top awards, a fantastic achievement!

Gold - Jimmy F and Nima Z

Silver - Grace C, Junho K, James L, Vivi L, David S, Joyce T, Qiyuan X, and Nicole L

Bronze - Omar M, Owen O, Sammy Z, Kiran P, Aldo W, Amaryllis K, Canon S, Daisy P, Daniela B, Ethan R, Henry S, James R, Jamie L and Kristy W.