Chicago - The Musical

At the beginning of March Chicago - The Musical was performed by a large cast of actors and musicians from Lancing's Third, Fourth, Fifth and Sixth Forms.

Members of the cast have written about their experience:

'This year’s musical Chicago turned out to be a great success! Enjoyed by many parents, staff, and pupils, Chicago hit it off with a bang. I played the role of Velma Kelly and enjoyed the process every step of the way, from auditions where we had to sing a jazzy song of our choice, to our first rehearsals, to tech and, finally, performing it in front of friends and family. As an Upper Sixth student I had to make a big decision whether or not to audition for the musical as I will be busy with my A Level exams this year. But, all in all, I managed to balance both academic work and my love for theatre and I am so happy with the outcome!
I greatly appreciate everyone who was involved with the musical and hope to continue to see the same enthusiasm and dedication in following productions at Lancing.'

Sofia R, Upper Sixth

'Participating in Chicago was definitely the highlight of my Lent Term. The musical gave me an opportunity to fully immerse myself within the heart of the school, allowing me to experience first hand the passion for drama that Lancing is so well known for. Although I was just a member of the ensemble, I felt every sense of involvement and belonging throughout the show, and most importantly, the same pride in the final production as everyone else who put their hearts and souls into it. From borderline cheering backstage and exchanging heartfelt encouragements, to hourly Mikado breaks (thanks Theo!), I found myself developing new friendships with students across the years and thoroughly enjoying every moment of the musical.
Chicago was definitely an experience of a lifetime and a part of my journey at Lancing that I'll never forget. We did it, guys!'

Paris Y, Upper Sixth

'Chicago was an incredible experience that I will never forget. It was a whirlwind of commitment, fun and teamwork that created an incredible production at the end. Even though there were many obstacles to overcome, the entire cast pulled together to create something amazing. I know now that it is over, we are all missing the rehearsals! It was such a great musical and being surrounded by such talented peers made the experience so much better. The show was vibrant, energetic and atmospheric and the audience helped to create a professional atmosphere in the theatre. Mr Beeby and Mr Langworthy put so much effort into Chicago and I hope they were as proud of the final show as the entire cast was.'

Poppy S, Lower Sixth

'I loved every minute I spent with the Chicago cast, from learning All That Jazz in the first rehearsal to the final performance. Every rehearsal I would spend with my friends and meet and get to know people from other year groups. It was a refreshing experience to be able to work with so many people from across the school community. It was unfortunate that I caught COVID on the day of the dress rehearsal and was forced to miss four of the five performances. One of the many highlights for me was watching the entire cast do a conga line round the theatre and under the seating rake during Peter’s rendition of Mr Cellophane, I could see that this was something that everyone was looking forward to each night. My two favourite moments from the final performance was coming out onto stage for the final time to see the entire audience on their feet applauding and cheering and making my first entrance as Billy Flynn with the biggest smile I have ever had on my face ready to start singing, dancing and having the time of my life.'

Theo A, Fifth Form