Climate+ Lectures continue Online

The CLIMATE+ series is online and freely accessible and currently reaches people from dozens of institutes across 37 countries. The wide interest evidences a demand for cutting-edge science on climate and environmental change.

Do join us live on Mondays from 4-5pm or watch some of the previous lectures on the link below!

Dr A Reesink, Teacher of Geography and Physics

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I have really enjoyed the CLIMATE+ lectures that I have attended so far. They give me a better understanding of how the world works and how vital Geography is to the planet. Through these lectures I have been able to understand more about a variety of different topics such as rivers and estuaries, the future of salt marshes, and what will happen to our beaches.

Although I am not planning to take Geography for my GCSE, I have always been fascinated by the topic, and these lectures really inspire me as they show me how fun and important it can be.

Watching these lectures has made me realise that geography is a lot more than maps and compasses and that it covers a wide range of different and exciting topics. In the first talk I was captivated by the science behind rivers and estuaries, how they are formed and why they are important. The speakers really help you understand the topic and they are all very passionate about it.

Eugenie R, Fifth Form

(Published November 2020)