Dance By Design

Dance is offered to all pupils at the College under the PE curriculum, from Third Form to Upper Sixth, and it can be chosen as part of the PE GCSE examination. This year’s Dance by Design, in its 8th edition, saw over 40 College students – girls and boys – showcasing their dancing and choreographic skills. Fourteen of our students also joined pupils from Lancing Prep Hove, who came over to the College to hold their own Celebration of Dance show.

The annual dance show once again raised the bar for the variety and the quality of dance at the College. The variety was enhanced by Gibbs’ House Third Form, who took us on a journey round the East of London, the Emerald Isle and mainland China. The Ballet group all pulled together to create a beautiful number titled the Waltz of the Hours, which clearly took much concentration and strength, and really highlighted all the different talent levels of the dancers.

The Choreography competition was as close as it has ever been. Particularly strong were the Groups, choreographed and directed by students for students. Special congratulations to Rebecca L for Round Table Rival, Ayn P for Ayn's Dance and Genie W for Genie's Dance; they all created exciting and imaginative numbers that used the space very effectively. The Duets were equally close: a wonderfully tearful RIP My Angel by Claudia and William L was just pipped by the more experienced Genie W and Ella Y in their high energy dance. The winner of the Solo class was Natalia D for her Murder Song, which was dramatic, controlled, thought-provoking and perhaps a little scary! The Best Overall Dancer on the night was impressively won by Erin W, who not only developed her own very effective solo performance but also performed in six other numbers.

Thanks to Mrs Jacqueline Brooks who had the unenviable task of judging the competitive element of the evening, and to all those back stage, especially Martin Chandler and Miss Maria: all that hard work paid off once again.

Dance by design
The Dance by Design 2017 winners with the Adjudicator (centre) Mrs Jacqueline Brooks CDE