Dance by Design 2019

Dance by Design, now in its 10th year, was another roaring success! The show, with appealing set and in a new slicked-back shape, opened with Maria Doick’s Alarm, a gritty, urban piece of tension-ridden dance. On the Thursday night audiences were treated to Lancing Prep Hove’s entry and to Lancing Prep Worthing’s on the Friday – both charming. To follow was the canon of students’ work, coached by Ms Doick and of excellent quality: Solos were choreographed and danced by Erin W, Tallulah R, Anya C and Stephanie G. Duets were presented by Pomme J, Erin W, Talia W. Group pieces were put forward by Erin W and Bupi M. New for this year was a routine from our new Musical Theatre class choreographed by Rachel Brown. The final evening performance was combined with the official opening of the new Dance Studio by Jacqueline Storey, long-term friend of Lancing College, dancer, choreographer and established collaborator with notable dancers like Arlene Phillips. Awards were presented in the Head Master’s Assembly in the following categories:

  • Best choreography for a solo: Stephanie G for her heart-breaking Like A Dream
  • Best choreography for a duet: Erin W for her powerful Tightrope
  • Best choreography for a group: Bupi M for her exciting DQ4
  • Best individual dancer: a well-deserved award for many years of dedication to Lancing College dance to Erin W.

Nicholas Beeby
Director of Drama and Dance

Lancing College pupils perform in Dance by Design