Distance Learning in the Summer Term

During the Summer Term the College continued to stay closed for our pupils. However, the school remained a hive of staff training and investment in order to optimise our distance learning provision. A full remote teaching programme continued to be implemented every day, with the objective of ensuring that our students would be equipped to join us back in the classroom in the new academic year, or to move on to the next phases of their education with confidence.
At the start of term we reverted to a standard timetable and class-by-class teaching, to allow as much normality in student learning as possible. Morning registration on Teams at 8.20am was an opportunity to see one another and say hello, whilst at the same time signing in for the day of lessons ahead. Virtual House meetings and tutor sessions continued, and the Head Master’s Assembly was pre-recorded and emailed to all pupils every Friday at 8.30am, in line with the school’s pre-COVID schedule. Lessons were reduced to 30 minutes, giving pupils the opportunity to take well-deserved, screen-free breaks in between, and avoid being sedentary for extended periods of time. Saturday lessons were moved to Tuesday afternoons, usually a slot for sport and co-curricular in the Lancing timetable. During standard teaching times, the class teacher was available to teach whole classes and for individual sessions, as well as to set tasks for remote work. Microsoft Teams was the dominant source of teaching, with a ratio of 50% live and recorded teacher presentation and interaction during timetabled class time, and 50% student-led completion of set tasks. Live lessons were recorded for those unable to attend or in a different time zone.

Fifth and Sixth Form Enrichment Programme
As the public examination programme was cancelled during the COVID-19 pandemic, Fifth and Upper Sixth Formers due to sit examinations continued to work hard during the phases of supplementary evidence gathering. After the process had been completed, the Academic Team launched a new induction and enrichment programme to support the next phase of the pupils’ education. The programme offered a variety of courses aimed at stimulating and academically engaging our students. In addition to bridging courses from GCSE to A Level for the Fifth Form, the Upper Sixth was involved in courses on virology, Plato’s Republic, post-Covid economics, sport psychology, civil rights in the USA, creative writing and engineering applications, to name but a few. Each Fifth Form pupil was enrolled in four courses and each Upper Sixth Form pupil was enrolled in two or three courses. All courses offered four 30-minute weekly sessions over a five-week period. All members of the group were enrolled in Microsoft Teams, where the sessions were taught ‘live’; teaching was also recorded to avoid clashes or time zone issues, allowing pupils to self-pace their studies if needed. The Sixth Form programme was also open to pupils from the neighbouring Steyning Grammar School. In addition to the enrichment programme, both year groups continued to follow their scheduled tutorials, PSHE programme and year group meetings, as well as being encouraged to enrol in a Massive Open Online Course on their chosen topic. Fifth Formers also participated in specific sessions as part of their Transition to Sixth Form programme such as work experience, Extended Project Qualifications, CV writing, Degree Apprenticeships, overseas university opportunities, UCAS, careers in Medicine and many more. New Lower Sixth Form pupils joining the College in September 2020 were invited to take part, with many of them logging in remotely from various locations across the globe.