Diving in Sliema, Malta

The trip to Sliema, Malta, was a fantastic experience for everyone. We all got stuck in our training and kept busy throughout the week, whether it was the beginner's ‘open water’ diver, ‘advanced’ divers, ‘rescue’ divers, or... Daniel S on a DPV! As the week progressed and having gained more experience, we were able to go out and explore different underwater areas. We were lucky enough to explore various things such as reefs, tugboat wrecks or massive 110m long oil tankers!

After the training had finished we went on a 'fun dive' without the pressure of training. It was an opportunity for the new divers to fully experience diving and swim around to look at all the fish. The more experienced divers were able to go down and explore some of the underwater wrecks, along with a tugboat with a gun at the front, which made Mr Mole very happy!

Towards the end of the week we took a trip out to the capital of Malta, Valletta, for our decompression day, where we spent the day looking around, eating, shopping or just taking nice relaxing walks.

Monty W, Lower Sixth