Drama News - Fourth Formers on Tour

At the end of the Summer Term, a group of Fourth Formers took the play Goodnight Mister Tom to several local schools. Cast member Seb O reports:

'It has been fantastic to be involved in the Fourth Form touring play Goodnight Mister Tom. The story charts the trials and tribulations of William, a boy evacuated from London during WWII, who ends up staying with a broken, lonely man whose wife had died during childbirth. 
We performed eight times in five days, travelling to five schools. During the first performance at Great Ballard School I felt particularly anxious as it was my first time in a show outside the College. Energy was high and, alongside all other shows, it truly was an incredible experience. As the performances continued we constantly improved with our heads held high for a strong finish in the College Theatre. Oliver P was fantastic in leading the show taking on the part of Mr Tom, using a broad West Country accent to immerse the audience in the play’s atmosphere. Many of us had two roles, which led to comical frantic changes and near-misses backstage. 
It was a touching and endearing experience, where I learnt the ins and outs of what it’s like to be involved in a touring performance, and the vigour, improvisation, and energy needed to fulfil this.'