Economics and Business Challenge

The College’s Economics and Business students were presented with the challenge to think carefully about the world’s current greatest issues, and to present their findings in an innovative format. Students of Business were asked to consider the most pressing challenges for businesses in 2019.
There was a real variety in the medium of delivery: a Poem to Nike by Gray B and a captivating video by Anabel A. The overall winner was Mihail B with a piece of work which demonstrated depth of thought and a different perspective.
The task for the Economics students was to place themselves in the shoes of the most eminent economic thinkers and give their opinions of the economic landscape in 2018. Entries of note included a sonnet to capitalism by Damian T; Jannace B’s piece of abstract art representing Friedrich Hayek’s on the dispersal knowledge; and a musical composition and performance by Brad M. The overall joint winners were Libby T, for a perceptive charcoal drawing representing the debt that President Trump’s policies owe to John Maynard Keynes; and Daryna T for an entertaining short story on Karl Marx time travelling to 21st century Sweden.