Foundationers Campaign - One Year On

A year ago the College announced a campaign to raise £3 million pounds towards bursaries to support 25 young people from disadvantaged backgrounds. In this first year significant progress has been made with over £2m of our £3m target in donations and pledges. This has been achieved through donations from our global network of Old Lanconians (OLs) and parents and demonstrates the purpose and intention of Lancing’s wider community to support the programme. We are extremely grateful to everybody who has stepped forward to be involved in these early stages of the campaign and hope that this generous spirit will continue and encourage more to help us reach our goals.

It is a testimony to the success of the programme that last year’s Head Girl, Eunice Adeoyo, a Foundationer who left in the summer, is now at Cambridge reading English Literature. Commenting on the campaign as the first Foundationer to achieve a place at Cambridge, Eunice said, “The two years spent at the College were transformative for me. The sense of community at Lancing is unrivalled, my teachers and peers were instrumental in shaping me intellectually.”

We have seven Foundationers in the school this term and our objective is to raise enough to support another 17 students over the next four years and then to roll over the same programme for the following five years. We have started our recruitment for 2019 and already have a shortlist of 9 candidates. We are continuing to grow our relationship with Eastside Young Leaders’ Academy, a children’s charity based in Stratford, London whose mission is ‘Transformation through Education’ and hope to have another two students join us from there in 2019. The reports from our current Foundationers are extremely encouraging and their progress is a pleasure to watch. They have laid down the gauntlet for how to make the most out of life at Lancing.

Commenting on the first year of the campaign Dominic Oliver said Providing an education that is truly transformational is at the heart of my vision for Lancing and it is only with the support of OLs and the wider Lancing community that this can be achieved. We are determined to help more disadvantaged young people embark on their adult lives with confidence and a sense of purpose. We cannot be complacent if we are to achieve our ambitions for the future; the College celebrates 175 years in 2023 and I want this campaign and its beneficiaries to be at the forefront of those celebrations.”

Throughout the first year of the campaign we have been supported by our Bursary Ambassadors who are the most tangible proof that access to a Lancing education has a real and positive impact. Their experience of what a bursary meant to them and how they have been enabled to follow their own ambitions is the real measure of the success of this programme. Fego Emaviwe summed up her time, ‘Lancing was definitely an invaluable experience, one that shaped me to be the woman I am today. I am now a Law graduate from the University of Warwick, currently working in Savills and looking to go to Law School in January 2019. I wouldn’t be where I am today if I hadn’t found myself at Lancing. I hope many more ‘dreamers’ like myself are given the opportunity to experience it!’

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