Fourth Form Drama Club: East End Tales

This term 20 Fourth Formers from the College's Drama Club were involved in the ensemble production 'East End Tales'. The play, written by Fin Kennedy and commissioned for young people by London's National Theatre, is a brilliant anthology of dynamic storytelling, and a perfect ensemble piece for our young actors.
Two members of the cast have talked about their experience on stage.
Tom G says: 'East End Tales narrates eight stories about life in the East End. The poetry in the play allowed the cast to focus on the detailed text and create a dramatic image for the audience to observe. I immensely enjoyed narrating tale number eight as it is a very powerful story: it has great momentum and it leads to an astonishing finish. Mr Beeby’s expert direction along with Mr Chandler’s spectacular lighting skills created an eerie and enjoyable show for the audience. It was certainly a really fun show for myself and the cast to put on stage. Drama at Lancing seems to be getting more and more exciting, diverse and magical with every production.' 
Poppy S adds: 'East End Tales is an ensemble piece about the complex society of East End London. There were eight tales as well as a prologue and an epilogue; each tale had a different storyline ranging from serious issues to lighthearted situations. It is an ensemble play and we all worked very hard to create an effective piece of theatre; we all contributed and worked together as a team. In tale number four I played the role of the narrator; I also helped an 'old lady' cross the road and do her shopping: for me this was one of the deepest and most heartwarming tales, and I really enjoyed trying to convey these emotions to the audience. 
The thing I enjoyed most about the play was seeing the cast become closer through the rehearsals. I also enjoyed the feeling of reward after each show as we improved our performance every night. Being part of a play at Lancing was a very unique experience; it required organisation and concentration but at the same time we had lots of fun in rehearsals.
During the course of a year there are many plays here at the College, and they are all very different, but at the centre of each one is always a real sense of teamwork.'