French Students Visit La Rochelle

Our trip started with a visit to L’Ile D’Aix. By the time we reached the island, the sun came out for us and we spent the day eating ice cream, visiting shops and cycling around the island. On the second day we enjoyed an historical tour of La Rochelle, acquainting ourselves with the maze of cobbled streets, also stopping at the rather blustery beach. We visited the Aquarium, the largest in Europe, where we enjoyed learning the strange names of fish such as the bluespine unicornfish. We also learnt that the sea cucumber literally ‘spills its guts’ when it senses danger and can regenerate them in two weeks! La Rochelle’s three towers were another highlight of the trip: Tour de Saint Nicholas, Tour de la Chaîne and Tour de la Lanterne, the latter once a prison for English slaves. The last day was spent bowling, shopping for souvenirs and touring the beautiful chapel and its cloisters, offering a bird’s eye view of La Rochelle from its bell tower.

Cecily M, Fourth Form