Gibbs’ House support for Virtual Doctors

As part of this year’s Charities Term, Gibbs’ House supported The Virtual Doctors, a Shoreham-based charity providing support for local doctors and hospitals in Zambia. They provide mobile phones with a custom-made app used by local clinical officers to send photos and describe symptoms to volunteer doctors in the UK. This use of technology means that the doctors in Zambia can get prompt advice and help with diagnoses, thus sharing the knowledge and expertise of the doctors in the UK with those in desperate need of it in rural Africa. The decision for Gibbs’ House to support The Virtual Doctors stemmed from a talk they gave at school last September; everyone was very impressed by the positive effect their work has had on so many people in Zambia. It was decided to invite The Virtual Doctors back to give another talk and inspire the students for their fundraising activity during Charities Term. Mr Huw Jones, founder and executive director, spoke about the personal experiences which led him to found the charity, the work they do today, and their future plans for expansion in Malawi. If you would like to find out more about The Virtual Doctors and donate to their cause, visit

Virtual Doctors at Lancing College