Great attendance at the Prep Schools Science Challenge

Twelve teams of enthusiastic Year 6 pupils attended the annual Prep Schools Science Challenge. Among them were Belmont School and The New Beacon, both in their first time to our event. The first challenge was to get to know three pupils from other schools, because they were all mixed up into teams of four to compete for Biology, Chemistry and Physics prizes. The challenges included making a marble run for exactly 10 seconds; a range of Biology activities including building a nest out of twigs; and an extended Chemistry investigation of an endothermic reaction requiring data analysis and a graph!

After this they regrouped in the College Theatre for a presentation by Dr Jonathan Hare, known in scientific circles for helping to discover C60, the Buckyball, but more famous to most for his regular appearances on the BBC’s Rough Science and Hollywood Science TV series. It was this latter topic which enthralled the pupils, revealing some amazingly real - but also some extraordinarily unlikely - science seen in popular movies.

Finally Dr Hare presented prizes to the three winning teams, which included representatives from eight of the visiting schools. The overall prize went to first time winners Handcross Park. Lancing Prep Hove were second and newcomers The New Beacon placed third.

Our thanks to all schools for attending and to the members of Sixth Form for mentoring the younger students during the activities.

Dr Giles Preston, Head of Science