High turnout for the Lancing 2020 Experience Day

On Tuesday 16 January, over 60 pupils - aged nine and ten years - attended Lancing’s first Advance Programme Experience Day. Coming together from a wide range of prep schools across London and the South East, the pupils had an enriching day working on a range of activities aimed at displaying their individual skills and interests.

The Lancing Advance Programme has been designed as an early entry route for pupils to gain a place at the College in year 9. Pupils sit the ISEB pre-test at their own school and are then invited to participate in the Experience Day. The programme is uniquely designed to let us get to know prospective pupils in the round. We want to gauge their strengths in academic, sporting and other fields, and to give them a real chance to shine as individuals. This will allow us to identify those with the greatest potential to excel at Lancing College.

Group shot

The Experience Day proved a great success and was enjoyable for pupils and teachers alike. During the day, pupils wrote about and then discussed whether a prisoner should be set free, did a “show and tell” on a topic of their choice and explored parts of the College with prefects on a treasure hunt. Parents joined their exhausted sons and daughters at the end for a special tea.


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Many parents reported back the following day:

  • My son greatly enjoyed his day at Lancing. He was full of enthusiasm for the school itself, the other children he met and seemed to cope well with all the challenges.
  • He really enjoyed the team-building work and the day as a whole.
  • My daughter had a fantastic time. We are looking forward to finding out more about the College and touring the wonderful facilities.
  • My child was surprised at how much he enjoyed the interview and the talk. The staff were really friendly and genuinely seemed to be interested in what he had to say. 
  • I think the children were really put at ease, certainly my child really enjoyed it.
  • My son had a fantastic day and said all the staff were really kind. There was a real variety of different activities and whilst some of these really challenged him, he really enjoyed working in different ways than back at school.

Commenting on the day, Deputy Head Dr John Herbert said: "The Experience Day was jam-packed full of a wide variety of thought-provoking activities that allowed all of our students a feel for the various activities that are part of Lancing life and study. The whole group impressed us with the enthusiasm and great behaviour that they brought to the day and how happy they were to throw themselves into the experience."

Participants of the programme will be hearing in the coming weeks about their options to join Lancing in September 2020.

Applications for the 2021 Advance Programme are now open for children currently in Year 5. Further details about the programme and the process are available here.