Lancing CCF Summer Camp

Lancing College has a long tradition of CCF training and every year our pupils take part in the summer camp during the holidays.

Harry A, from the Fourth Form, reports back from the Warcop Training Camp:

‘’At the very start of the summer holidays, a group of 11 students travelled to Warcop Training Camp in Cumbria for the CCF Summer Camp. We immediately felt very welcome as we received the key to our barracks where we immediately felt at home.

The camp started the next day with a first aid course, where injuries such as concussions and hypovolemic shock were discussed. This was followed by a session on weapons throughout history, which was extremely captivating, especially for Jon L and Rex W who seemed to know every weapon being introduced! We then embarked on watermanship training, where we looked at techniques on how to steer a boat. The session ended with a fun yet very competitive race with Heriot’s School with the rafts we built ourselves.

The following day saw us doing CQB (close quarter combat) drills; it was great fun and we all found our instructor to be particularly inspiring when he guided us carefully throughout the exercise.

The next sessions involved ghyll scrambling, hill walking, kayaking, forest drills, survival lessons and the challenging Warcop Wanderer, where a platoon patrols the hills and uses skills from Section Attack and CQB. This was an intense but most enjoyable attack exercise.

On the last day we all set out for what is a traditional but perhaps the most difficult task: the softball match. Despite our team’s best efforts, which included astronomical catches from Owen M and top class fielding from Jon L, we were defeated. This didn’t dampen our spirits and we all went back home with fantastic memories of a truly outstanding summer camp.’’


Lancing CCF Summer Camp 2

Lancing CCF Summer Camp