Lancing College and The OL Club sign agreement for closer ties

The close connection between Lancing College and The OL Club has been strengthened this month with the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding which will form the basis of a new working relationship.

The primary objective of The OL Club is to provide facilities and opportunities for OLs to develop and maintain friendships with each other and former teachers at the College, and also to enable them to continue their contact with the College in the furtherance of its interests.

The College and The OL Club are constituents of the Lancing Society. The primary purpose of The Society is to facilitate the wide community of OLs, current parents, parents of former pupils, current and former governors and members of staff, and others, all interested in and with a common purpose of engaging and supporting the College.

With this in mind, the new agreement is designed to formalise the close ties between the College and The OL Club in relation to communications and the developing, managing and running of events. A budget has also been agreed for The OL Club to part-fund activities carried out by the College.

Commenting on the agreement Dominic Oliver, Head Master said:

“These are exciting times for all OLs and the wider Lancing Society. We have been working with The OL Club in the spirit of this agreement for over six months and to have this commitment in the form of a signed MOU is an important moment. Lancing has many strengths and its community of OLs is surely one of these. We look forward to working with The Club to further enhance the benefits for all OL Club members.”

Chair of The OL Club, Andrew Farquharson commented:

“This agreement was approved in principle at the last AGM and we welcome its final signing in bringing ever closer relations with the College. The new developments with The Quad, newsletter and working together on events is a significant step. We are also working with the College on the development of a new OL Club website and we look forward to sharing this with OLs shortly.”

Dominic and Andrew