Lancing College Farm Project wins the Best Free Range Pig Farm at local agriculture show

Lancing College Farm started this Autumn Term with great success. On Saturday 16 September, the Farm won ‘Best Free Range Pig Farm’ at the West Grinstead Ploughing and Agricultural Society’s annual show. Established in 1871, the Society is one of the largest in Sussex and has long supported the interests of local farmers. The show, which holds a range of competitions throughout the day at Weston’s Farm, celebrates the rural community and attracts visitors from all ages. We are delighted with the award and congratulate the team working at the Lancing Farm.

Lancing College Farm produce consists mainly of rare breed pork, and lamb from a flock of over a hundred South and Hampshire Downs, Jacobs, Suffolk and Shetland sheep. This is supplied to the school kitchens and is also marketed locally and within the school community.

Under the expert guidance of Jon Hutcheon, the Farm Manager, College pupils learn about modern farming methods as well as traditional activities such as hedge-laying, coppicing and green wood-working.

Pupils with pigs

Pig at Lancing College Farm