Lancing rock climbers secure second place in regional ranking

On Thursday 8 March, Lancing climbers competed against a wide range of other schools in the region, and against students that climb for the GB team.

First, you should know that climbing is the only true way of moving up in the world. It is a personal exploration of the Laws of Nature. You may have learned something about how mgh = ½mv2, but climbers know what that feels like. Unlike various horizontal sports played with balls and other toys, climbing is a physically demanding, full-package sport that requires strength, skill, balance, and enormous mental control and acuity. 

Climbing wall

All three pupils on starting holds

After all students attempted 25 different routes that varied in difficulty from hard to positively insane, Lancing College placed third - securing a place in the finals. 

In the final round, our top climbers, Harry F, Charlie B, and Arthur H, topped out hard overhanging routes that had to be scaled using a dazzling range of technical moves, from lie-backs and sloping under-clings, to large dynamic twists on tiny crimpy holds. Charlie and Arthur pulled some incredibly hard moves across steep overhangs. Meanwhile, in a spectacular feat of balance, pinching holds as thin and smooth as decorative wall panelling, Harry added an extra bonus point to the score. 

Lancing's final score of 14 earned them second place in the regional ranking. Commenting on the experience, Lower Sixth Former Harry said: “The experience was invaluable, and taking second in the overall ranking showed us that our training had all been worth it.”

Well done to all the climbers.

Climbing wall

Harry F’s big dynamic leap to the top of a route

Climbing wall

Simultaneous finishing of Arthur H and Charlie B