Lancing sleeps out in support of charity

Just before the October Half Term break a group of Sixth Formers from across all Houses took part in a ‘sleep out’ to support the Brighton Housing Trust and their First Base Day Centre. The Centre provides hot showers, clean clothes, support and advice to more than a thousand peoples in the city. The Lancing sleep out was attended by over 40 students and members of staff, and helped to raise over £1,400. It also marked National and World Homeless Days.

Sixth Formers Arthur H and Kim K talk about the experience: ‘We set up camp outside the Maths Department, laying down cardboard and sleeping bags. After playing a few games we were offered either tea, coffee or tomato soup – this limited quantity and selection of food exemplified to us the struggles faced daily by rough sleepers. We got to experience how hard it is for homeless people to deal with their daily routine, especially in the cold weather. This has certainly changed our perspective and is now one of reasons why the school and Houses support the charity.’

Chris Mole, Housemaster of School House and organiser of the event, writes:
‘My father organised a sleep out for the same cause in 1991; he was very passionate about it and I joined in. Now my own family has done the same with me. One of the other participants back then was David Chaffey, my liaison for this initiative, who now works for the Brighton Housing Trust. This event will hopefully form part of an ongoing link between Lancing College and BHT in support of those less fortunate in the local area, particularly the First Base project.’