Law Club pupils meet OLs and parents at Business Network event

In the Advent Term the Law Club - one of Lancing's academic societies - is made up of Upper Sixth students, with work being done on personal statements, wider legal reading and practice of the LNAT test. In the Lent Term the Club is made up of Lower Sixth students, and the sessions aim to give an overview of core legal principles and ideas, with pupils applying their new knowledge to fictional scenarios and role-playing. There is a trip to the Supreme Court and the Royal Courts of Justice, usually attended by a large number of pupils .

At the recent Law Business Network event in London, 15 College pupils from the Law Club had the fantastic opportunity to meet and network with a host of legal-eagle OLs and parents, gleaning lots of excellent and sage advice on a career in law.

Lower Sixth Former Emily P reports:

'The networking session was extremely interesting and useful. Meeting at the DAC Beachcroft city office in London, the event began with a meet and greet with drinks and canapés where we had a chance to quickly introduce ourselves to the solicitors, barristers and management consultants attending the session.

The main speakers for the evening were barrister Andrew Onslow and solicitor Simon Hodson. They talked about the difference between straight law degrees and conversion courses, discussing both the positive and negatives. We also heard about what it is like to be a solicitor or a barrister, and heard that barristers are usually self-employed while solicitors tend to work for external companies.

Throughout the talk they also conversed with other barristers and solicitors, so that we could get an in-depth and vast range of views on different sections of law studies. A criminal barrister, Jenny Carter-Manning, spoke to us about the wage differences between the public sector and the private sector, for example in corporate and criminal law. We also heard about the opportunities to work outside the city, and received many tips on how to progress within a company and how to make our CV stand out from others. 

We then moved on to the challenges faced by women in the law industry, discussing the government’s attempts at reducing this issue. They concluded discussing those personal qualities that are needed to become a lawyer, in particular emphasising communication skills.

After the lecture we had the opportunity to meet other OLs and parents who work in the industry. It was a fantastic experience, and I have certainly taken away lots of food for thought from the evening.'

The pupils met a range of barristers, solicitors, in-house lawyers, lawyers in training and undergraduates, getting a real sense of how to begin a legal career and how to succeed in a tough, competitive industry. The pupils came away well-informed, buzzing with excitement and keen to start their journeys.

Nat Payne, Head of Higher Education Applications

Law Society meets alumni and parents on Business Network event

Law Society meets alumni and parents on Business Network event