Legally Blonde The Musical

A strong cast of over 40 pupils took the very popular Legally Blonde The Musical to the stage of the Lancing College Theatre. We followed Elle Woods (Ella H) in her journey to go beyond being 'pink' to being taken seriously and start a career as a lawyer. Ella follows ex boyfriend Warner (Ivan L) to Harvard Law School to try and win him back; instead she unexpectedly finds new love in Emmett (Nat O) and - defying all expectations -  is successful in her first case to defend fitness guru Brooke (Jossie P).

After over three months of rehearsals, the cast - complemented by over 30 musicians and members of the production team - wowed the audience with a fantastic ensemble show in two extraordinary hours of singing and dancing.

A tour de force of dancing and singing with a touching, lighthearted narrative arc at its heart... A production of wit, humour and great fun.

Dominic Oliver, Head Master

From the cast:

I auditioned for Legally Blonde because it’s been my favourite musical since I was 11, so it was such an awesome opportunity. During the audition I sang the song Popular from the musical Wicked as I thought it best displayed my singing and acting abilities; I was super excited about being cast in the role of Margot!
Sarah G, Upper Sixth

The days leading up to the performances were very hectic so it was so important for me to get as much rest as possible, I also drank as much water as possible and was eating honey by the pot! But most importantly I was sleeping... On one of the days I took a nap at 12:30 and didn’t wake up until 6:00! 
Ella H, Lower Sixth

A lot of the rehearsing process involved experimenting with ideas and I liked how we were allowed to do our own interpretation of our characters. Also, enthusiasm was always high and people seemed to enjoy the challenge of difficult choreography or line learning. It's lovely to see how everyone got together to work hard and improve day after day.
Polly M, Lower Sixth

It was such an amazing experience, both for the positive reaction we received every night from the audience, and also in the way that it brought people in the cast together; people from different year groups who may never have spoken previously now share a long-lasting and close friendship.
Erin W, Upper Sixth