Life as a Lower Sixth Art Scholar

It is very exciting being an Art Scholar: there is always so much to do and the studios are very inspiring as you can see the work of other students, their use of media and presentation.

I love the fact that there are no restrictions at the College, if you love art there is so much you can create and concentrate on: painting, sculpting, drawing and printing, for example. Throughout this term I have used and tried all these different techniques in ways that I hadn’t tried before. One of the highlights of the term was the workshop with Sue Mundy, an extraordinarily talented ceramicist. Sue helped us open our minds to creativity and texture, challenging our artistic abilities; my clay creation was inspired by looking at a pine cone. I found applying the glazes the hardest stage because I couldn’t predict what it would look like until it was fired. I enjoyed the experience very much and it really broadened my artistic abilities. We have learnt a lot of new skills from Sue and would love for her to come visit again.

Rosie C

My experience of being a Scholar so far has been fantastic. This term I was delighted to assist our Art teachers in the Myths & Legends sessions for prep schools.

Through talking to younger artists, I learnt how to transfer imaginary ideas into comprehensive drawings. I also gained a greater understanding of the importance of thinking outside of restrictions – this idea is crucial for me in art as well as other areas in my life. As Art Scholars we will be planning activities with the Third Form Art Scholars in the Lent Term. This has challenged our abilities as we have to think like teachers – which is actually very difficult! The work will be inspired by the large-scale mixed media wall collages we produced during our experimental drawing sessions. We wanted to use architecture and textures as a source of inspiration for what the young Scholars are going to create. In addition to the weekly school routine, this term I entered the AlTurnertive Prize with a garment inspired by the film M. Butterfly. I wanted to challenge the entanglements of gender norm expressed in the film and add my own understanding of love and ethics. I believe the boundary of genders can be broken in the same way that it is set and entrenched by us. The Prize provided me with an opportunity to express my ideas whilst being innovative and experimental with art. 

Stephanie G