Metacognition Prize Winners and Lancing Diploma Gold Awards

The Third Form Extended Project 

The Third Form Extended Project is one of the big challenges of the first year and is a crowning point of the year’s metacognition lessons. We extended it’s scope this year, allowing students the summer holiday to complete the projects. Students used that time wisely. Since then, our teachers have been busy marking and assessing the work and building it into the final Diploma scores. Students have got extensive feedback on their work. The range of topics on which last year’s Third Formers wrote was hugely impressive. These include investigations on:  

  • The ethics of the death penalty 
  • Debating lessons last year
  • The problems and advantages of examinations as a means of assessing potential
  • Why we should all travel to Bolivia.
  • An exploration of gun control in America
  • And work on the freighted issue of whether the statues of controversial figures of the past should be removed. 

These just give a flavour of some of the vast range of topics.  

The class prize winners for the Third Form Extended Essays will have their prizes awarded later in the year as part of our Founder’s Day prizes. Honourable mentions for those who produced standout projects will receive a Head Master’s Commendation for their work.  

This year’s winners are the pick of each of the teaching sets. They are: 

Gladys C – Is A.I. generated Art Really Art? 

Daisy D-P – Is Homework Beneficial to Children? 

Evie – Should we continue to develop self-aware AI to help us with our everyday needs? 

Isaac H – Should Museum Artifacts be Returned to their Country of Origin? 

Isabelle M – From Hogarth to Here and Now: Have Political Cartoons Lost their Bite? 

Amelia P – Social Media has Changed Society for the Better. To What Extent do you Agree?


The Lancing Diploma 

The Extended Project is one of the important parts of the wider Lancing Diploma. Throughout all that pupils do, including self-assessments, tutorials and, quietly, during the course of every lesson and activity, we seek to create a language and an experience that builds on five central pillars that, in the background, provide a structure and coherence to all we do. These five central pillars are the values of resourcefulness, reflection, resilience, reciprocity and responsibility.  

This year’s Lancing Junior Diplomas are the first to be awarded. Later in the year we will be able to celebrate other year groups as they move to their awards including the first ever Sixth Form Diploma.

They are a composite of the academic effort and attainment that students have put into their engagement with the first year of their time with us but also in their engagement with the co-curricular life of the school, their reflection and refinement of their efforts in combination with their teachers, how well they have embraced the life of such a busy, challenging and inspiring place as Lancing. 

Gold Awards 

The Diploma’s gold standard is a very high one, a standard that shows clearly that, while academic excellence is something we require of everyone, we also seek rounded, engaged people who will leave us, in years to come, with a strong sense of purpose and the desire to fulfil their dreams not only for their good but for that of society. 

This year 42 students were awarded Gold.