The Mole Economics Games

The Mole Economic Games is an ‘olympiad’ style tournament for students of Economics. The participants – in teams of one, two or three – are given 30 to 50 multiple choice questions, all covering a wide variety of topics from AS to A2 Economics. The mix provided good revision for all participants – the Upper Sixth in particular – as they prepared for the upcoming exams. The final round proved challenging, looking quite easy to start with but ending with some difficult university questions! It stretched the participants’ knowledge and encouraged them to think outside the box.

Individuals or groups with the highest score across the three rounds were the winners. There was no lack of effort from an impressive Lower Sixth team of Ernie C, Vlad V, Connor S-W and Joe H who came in third with a respectable total of 81 points, even beating several Upper Sixth teams in the process. In second place, Marianna G, Phoebe L and Viktoriia D totalled an inspiring 101 points. It was Jimmy S who notched the top spot with a stunning solo effort which saw him reach 110 points!

A good challenge and a very useful revision for the students, all achieved in a well-spirited and fun way.

Ernie C, Lower Sixth