Most Improved Rider Award - Advent Term 2018

This term’s Most Improved Rider Award goes to Sixth Former Courtney Ziarno. Commenting on the selection, instructor Natalie Crouch said: ‘Courtney is one of the most committed riders that we have seen this term at Lancing Equestrian. She comes to us twice a week for private and group lessons, and makes every effort to practise and listen to instruction. Courtney has progressed through the term in all areas of
her riding and takes an interest in caring for the horses after they have been ridden. We have been developing Courtney’s canter and her security in the saddle. Courtney is a positive and happy student who is always a pleasure to teach.’ 

We spoke to Courtney about riding this term:
What have you enjoyed most about riding this term?
I’ve really enjoyed riding lots of different horses at the Equestrian Centre. Each horse has its own personality, riding style and speed, and I’ve thoroughly enjoyed the variation. Riding different horses challenges me to improve; for instance, when I ride a faster horse I have to make sure that I keep my balance.

What advice would you give to other pupils wanting to improve their horse riding?
My advice would be to practise and try different activities. I have found that if one particular area of my riding needs  improvement, I try to focus on a particular activity that will help me in that area. For example, practising the jump position helped me to keep my heels down, thus helping me to keep my balance.

Most Improved Rider Courtney Z