New College Prefects commissioned for 2019/2020

During the first whole school Sung Eucharist of the year on the 8 September 2019, 22 College students were formally announced and commissioned as new Prefects for 2019/2020.

A small number of Upper Sixth pupils are chosen every year to be prefects in recognition of their qualities of leadership, integrity and diligence. This year's Prefects are: 

Harry A, Jade B, Declan B, Tash C, Connie D, Arthur H, Rosie H, Pomme J, Lohith K, Alex L, Michail M, Cecily M, Yana M, Nat O, Stephanie O, Dante P, Mortimer S, Kyron S, Katie T, Jojo W, Jonathan W and Maddy W

In addition to the commissioning of the Prefects, four Heads of School were also formally announced on this occasion: Declan B, Pomme J, Yana M, and Jonny W. They have shared their thoughts on what their new role means:

Declan: 'When I was appointed a School Prefect I felt very honoured to be able to represent the student body; however, the thought of being Head of School had not even crossed my mind. It came as a great shock to me when the Head Master invited me to take on this role, also considering I have only been at the College for one year. The pride I felt to represent such a well-respected school was unparalleled to anything I have felt before. This year I am looking forward to representing the students and leading, with the help of Jonny, Yana and Pomme, such a fantastic team of Prefects.'

Jonny: 'It is a great privilege to be offered this position, a position which opens up the opportunity to truly make a difference and be a direct link between the student body and the rest of the school. It grants each of the four of us a chance to give back to the place which has, in many ways, shaped us; a chance to be an ambassador for both the students and the school. Ever since I was in the Third Form I have endeavoured to throw myself into everything that Lancing has to offer. It is in that spirit that I approach this, my final year at Lancing, and I truly can’t wait for what we can achieve this year.'

Pomme: 'Becoming one of the Heads of School was an honour, a position that I was happy to accept alongside the responsibilities that come with it. I have been a part of this school since the Third Form and in the past years I have enjoyed many worthwhile experiences and opportunities - this role being one of them. It is another chance for me to learn, to grow and improve within Lancing, and I aim to do my best. I will also be involved in helping to run College events and communicating closely with the Senior Deputy Head as well as the Head Master, and I hope that by doing so I can repay the school for all that it has given to me.'

Yana: 'As Heads of School we are responsible for all kind of public speaking on behalf of the school, for example in events such as Open Mornings. The strong sense of community and teamwork at Lancing has made working alongside the Prefects very smooth. We are there to help and assist all members of the school, be it staff or students and, most importantly, we are here to serve as role models for the rest of the school.'

Lancing College Prefects and Heads of School 2019

Lancing College Prefects and Heads of School 2019