New edition released for Heresy Project 2017/18

We are delighted to publish the 2017/18 edition of the Heresy Project. The Project is an annual engagement for the pupils in the Lower Sixth, as they are given the assignment to produce essays of 1500 words on a subject they are passionate about, with the aim to challenge orthodox textbook thinking. These essays are judged by a jury including the Head Master, who has the hard task to come to an agreement on the final winners.

In this edition, contemporary feminism has been put in the dock, punk has been brought back from the dead, degrees have been replaced with radians as a way of measuring angles, the Hippocratic Oath has been subject to intense scrutiny, and Elian C has even taken on the crusading mantle of a latter day Emile Zola to accuse Dr Kerney of historiographical skulduggery! The heresy continues with the wonderful artistic unravelling of Lazlo’s portrait of Bowlby as Head Master (image below).

Heresy Project 17-18

The Project is rooted in the College's proud tradition of creative, well-read intellectual individualism, and is designed to prepare our Sixth Form pupils for a lifetime of intellectual curiosity and independence of thought. 

The shortlisted and winning essays are available to read in full below:

Lancing College Heresy Project 2017-18


Heresy winners