New GCSE subjects introduced at the College

Choosing the right GCSE subjects is a critical moment in our pupils’ education. At Lancing we believe in continually improving the subject choice offered to the pupils: a wide, modern and varied curriculum is essential to enable them to try everything and discover where their strengths lie. This diversity has huge advantages for developing personal interests as well as opening up ideas for future career options.

From 2018/2019 our GCSE programme will be further enhanced with the addition of two subjects, bringing the total subjects of GCSEs to 21.

GCSE Art Photography
GCSE Art Photography is an exciting new venture for the Art School and its students. The course aims to prepare our GCSE students who have already decided to pursue Photography at Pre-U level, as well as introducing photographic skills to those students who wish to broaden their studies at GCSE and keep their options open for later.

Analogue and digital photography will form the foundations from which students will then explore their own ideas using digital manipulation, sculptural work, photo montage, joiners and also mixed media. Through skills-based workshops in our fully equipped darkroom, computer suite or art studios, students will be taught to make precise observations through the lens in order to visualise ideas, as they develop visual curiosity and the ability to think creatively to express their ideas and feelings through photographic imagery.

GCSE Art Photography prepares students for university study in a wide range of subjects including: Photography, Architecture, Graphic Design, Product Design, Fashion Design, Film and Television (the communications industry).



GCSE Design and Technology – Engineering
Precision engineering surrounds us in our everyday lives, from the digital technology in our pockets to the buildings we live in and the ways in which the food we eat is produced. GCSE Engineering is designed to reflect upon this, through both theoretical and hands-on technical skills. It will particularly appeal to those who enjoy being creative, with an affinity for functional design. It will also appeal to students who enjoy the Sciences and want to apply their learning in a practical, problem solving environment. It is expected that these students will continue studying Maths and one of the Sciences at A Level, and a similar combination at university. 

The core of the subject will reinforce electro-mechanical engineering, where students will be expected to demonstrate their understanding in a systems-based project. The project work will demonstrate core engineering principals through material, process and efficiencies selected, and there will be a focus on successful mechanical and technological aspects of design with less emphasis on aesthetics. The theory side of the course will be taught through a mixture of classroom based lessons, practical investigations and mini-projects designed to introduce and integrate all core topics.

As with all subjects, pupils benefit from a wide range opportunities to hear from visiting speakers and participate in off site, curriculum relevant trips.


Engineering picture