The OL Club AGM Announcement

The Old Lancing Club is pleased to announce that Martin Todd (Field’s 1969 – 1973) was elected Chairman of the Club. The election took place at the Annual General Meeting and Summer Reception held at the Royal Aeronautical Society in London on Thursday 14 June, attended by over 80 OLs representing several decades.

Martin takes over from Andrew Farquharson who resigned from the post of Chair after four years of successful leadership of The OL Club, which included the recent signing of the new Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) between The OL Club and the School.

During the evening Felix Aylett (Gibbs’ 2007 – 2012) and Fflur Jones (Field’s 2007 – 2010) were also voted by members onto the Club committee.

Martin commented:

I loved my time at Lancing. I loved its liberalism, its location, and its range of people and activities. I still love Lancing, and believe its best days lie ahead of it; and on behalf of all OLs I shall do my best as Chair of The Lancing Club. The most effective way for both Lancing and the Club to prosper, is to work together and I intend to work with my Committee members on behalf of all OLs to make sure we play our role in the continued success of The Club.”

Commenting on Martin’s election Dominic Oliver, Head Master, said: “I am delighted that Martin has been elected to Chair The OL Club and I welcome his enthusiasm for Lancing and for serving the community of OLs around the world. Lancing’s strong and well-connected OL community is the envy of many schools and it is a testament to the strong bonds of friendship and community we know develop between young people during their time at Lancing and in later life. The school is grateful for the continuing support of The OL Club and we look forward to working with Martin and the Committee in the coming years.”

The Lancing network brings together over 10,000 members, who benefit - both professionally and personally – from being part of this engaged group. Regular gatherings include networking events across eight business groups, OL reunions around the world, Young OLs drinks and Over 60s lunches, and Evelyn Waugh Lectures, among many others.

Martin Todd’s profile

Martin joined Field’s House in 1969, leaving in 1973 to study History at Brasenose College, Oxford, where he also got a Blue in football. He is a former Director of ExxonMobil UK and a Trustee of the Johnson Beharry VC Foundation. Martin joined the Foundation Council in 2016 and is a very active member of the Bursary Steering Group, a sub-committee of the Council for the Foundationers campaign Bursaries that change lives.