Old Lancing Club Annual Dinner

This year the Lancing Club dinner took place not in the usual Gentleman's club but instead on HQS Wellington, a WWII convoy escort ship that was converted into a livery hall after the war to accommodate the Honourable Company of Master Mariners. OLs convened on the covered deck of the boat for a drinks reception, taking in the views across the river to the Southbank. There was an excellent showing from across a range of year groups, from the class of 1949 all the way through to 2014. We were also delighted to be joined by both current heads of school Eunice and Matty, and their deputies Will and Sophie. After the reception, OLs gradually descended the grand wooden staircase into the dining room where dinner was served. An excellent time catching up with friends old and new was had by all. This accompanied a fascinating speech by our chairman Andrew Farquharson who had flown back from India to London especially for the event to regale us with tales of his trip halfway around the world in his Land Rover.

Concluding the evening was an extremely robust rendition of the school song, sung with great enthusiasm by the entirety of the Club.

Oscar Elliston (Second's 2007-2012)

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