Parents Associations Merge into One

The St Nicolas Association (current parents) and The Lancing Association (parents of OLs) have merged with effect from April 2022 under the new name of The Lancing Parents Association. The last few years have given us time to reflect on the workings of our two (former) parent associations and​, after consultation with both of them and the Head Master, it was agreed to merge the two associations into one. We felt that this re-structure would strengthen the parent voice within the community by bringing two important groups together. Current (and new) parents will also benefit from the knowledge and insights of more experienced parents.

We were delighted to be able to recognise the success and history of the two associations and to celebrate the special union formally at the recent Associations Dinner on 9 May 2022. This is an annual event when the College invites all committee members from The OL Club, The Lancing Parents Association, the two Prep School Associations and the Friends of Lancing Chapel to thank them for their support. It was the first time that this group of Associations (known as The Lancing Society) had been able to meet for three years and it was a real celebration for all of those who have worked so hard on the College’s behalf in their different voluntary roles. We feel privileged to have so many OLs and parents who play an integral role in the life of the Lancing community and who help us nurture life-long relationships with the school. LPA logo