Phase Two - Target of £5.5m for 40 Pupils

We have reached an important milestone in the campaign’s fundraising - this has been made possible by the charitable actions of many in the Lancing community.

It is clear that the impact of the campaign has touched the hearts of OLs and parents and we are so grateful to all of you for your generous support. We are delighted to announce the completion of phase one and urge you to help us make phase two even more successful. Here are some of the campaign highlights from 2021.


• We have raised the first-stage target of £3m, 18 months ahead of schedule.

• Our 1848 Legacy Society is providing one fifth of the funding.

• The College contributes 33% of total fundraising.

• We started with three Foundationers in 2017 and now have 22 in the programme.

• This academic year we have the largest ever number of Foundationers in the school.

• In the last four years, three of our Foundationers have been Heads of School and five have been Prefects. They are also contributing to the leadership of the school through positions such as Heads of House and Peer Supporters.

• We have six OL Foundationers: two in the workplace, three at university and one on a year’s Lloyds apprenticeship before going to university.

• Trinity School in Lewisham was our only partner four years ago. Today we are delighted to still be working with Trinity and our new partners: Royal National Children’s SpringBoard Foundation, EYLA, Buttle UK and Highfield School.

• Our pastoral care continues to be acknowledged by our partners as outstanding.


• Our Foundationers have developed key skills in leadership, communication, and mentoring.

• They are making long-lasting friendships which will give them a lifetime of connections professionally and socially.

• We can see an improved self-confidence alongside academic progress.

• We have evidence of an improvement in their social and emotional wellbeing.

• They inspire their peers and act as role models in their home and school communities.

• 100% of our leavers have gone on to university or an apprenticeship scheme.

• The experience is enhancing their future employment prospects.


• The real impact of the programme on the first 22 young lives is evident.

• The programme demonstrates our long-term commitment to help young people access top quality and life-changing education.

• The results from the latest OL Survey carried out in May 2021 show that this campaign is the one the Lancing community wants to support above anything else.

• The feedback from our parent survey has been very positive about the campaign.

• Foundationers are clearly making a positive contribution to the College community.

• The impact of the campaign has touched the hearts of OLs and parents and many of our major donors have committed to repeat their donations for phase two