Preparing for a Bright Future

In November the College held its largest careers event to date, with a line-up of over 16 speakers representing a wide range of different career options. The workshops covered the varied types of role within the professions, opportunities, routes of entry and what pupils should consider now.
The event was attended by over 116 Fifth and Sixth Form pupils; a number of parents also attended. The workshops catered equally for pupils who are in the very early stages of thinking about a career, and those who have already a firmer plan. Surveyed after the event, 61% of the attendees had a good idea of what they would like to do but were open to other options; 24% said that they had only just started to think about a future career. Many of the sessions were led by former pupils (OLs) who readily stepped forward to support current pupils.
Careers covered included Law, Medicine, Engineering, Marketing, Civil Service, Architecture, Insurance, Arts and Media and Graduate Schemes. There were also sessions on employability and Rupert McLean OL (Field’s 1988–1993) ran a workshop for pupils who have no clear idea of their future direction. The talk also included suggestions on how to build on their skills whilst they develop their ideas.

Speaking after the event Diana Cree, Director of Marketing at the College, said: ‘Lancing has a vital role in supporting all our pupils as they explore options in finding the right direction when they leave the College. Our annual careers event is an important part of this process. We are increasingly working with OLs and The OL Club to harness the wealth of professional and personal experience of former pupils to the benefit of our current Fifth and Sixth Forms pupils. We are always struck by the generosity of OLs in their support to the College and are extremely grateful to those who joined us recently. There will be a number of developments in this area in the coming year, which will demonstrate these closer ties and how they add immense value to our excellent Sixth Form opportunities.’

Feedback from pupils and parents has been extremely positive:

‘I hadn’t thought about joining the civil service before this workshop, now it’s definitely on the table.’

‘The Media session was really excellent. My daughter will be dropping them a line about work experience.’

‘The Law workshop was very good; we also discussed how a degree can feed into law and also other careers.’

Students listen to speakers at the Careers Fair at Lancing College

Speakers at the Careers Fair in Lancing College

Speaker at the Careers Fair in Lancing College