Pupils attend annual Medics' Dinner

The 4th Medics’ Dinner was hosted at the College by Mrs Webber and her students. The Medics' Society, formed by pupils from several year groups (from the Fourth Form to the Upper Sixth), aims to provide support to those pupils interested in a career in medicine or medicine-related subjects, including veterinary. With over 70 guests, the Dinner was an opportunity for our pupils to meet medical professionals and gain a better understanding of what it's like to work in this field. 

Lower Sixth Former Yana M opened the evening with a warm welcome to all guests, and in particular to those students who had joined for the evening from neighbouring schools BHASVIC and Shoreham College. Yana also thanked two guests who had been instrumental in helping her gain work experience, and she was able to raise a cheer from a large group of young doctors from Worthing Hospital.

The table seating was organised to allow students and medical professionals to sit together, and after each course the students were encouraged to move onto another table. Though slightly reminiscent of similar 'speed acquaintance' events, this system certainly allowed plenty of opportunities to socialise and network with many amazing medical professionals.

After each course the guests were entertained by three different guest speakers and, as always, we were treated to very different experiences of medicine. Our first speaker was Dr Malcolm Johnston, a consultant radiologist, who gave us an insight into how rapidly technology was impacting medicine, painting an exciting future for prospective medics. Our second speaker was Mrs Marcia Bellamy, the mother of a successful Upper Sixth medical applicant from last year. She gave us a hilarious review of what it is like to be the mother of a medical applicant and, though extremely funny, it shows us just how far the career choice of being a doctor reaches. 

Our final speaker was Sophie Clarke - I think we all assumed she would be a young medic talking about her career. We were all so wrong... Sophie started off playing a game with us to see if we could guess her medical condition; we were shocked to find out she suffers from cystic fibrosis. She then went on to share with us a brief summary of her amazing life so far, talking about the various levels of care she has received since undertaking treatment. She shared with us the awful experience of being in the 'end phase' of the disease, before receiving a successful heart and lung transplant seven years ago. A few tears and a standing ovation for Sophie finished off what was a truly amazing evening. 

Lower Sixth Medics

Lancing College hosts dinner with medical professionals

Lancing College hosts dinner with local medical professionals

Lancing College hosts dinner with local medical professionals

Lancing College hosts dinner with local medical professionals