Pupils attend Medical Dinner

The medics' group is formed of 18 Lower Sixth students, all passionate about medicine. The majority hope to apply for a degree in medicine or medicine-related subjects, including veterinary. The annual Medics’ Dinner is a special occasion for our students to meet medical experts and gain a better understanding of what it’s like to work in this field.

Organised by Mrs Webber, the event gave students the opportunity to interact with qualified medical professionals and student doctors from a huge array of disciplines, as well the chance to meet some A Level students from the Sir Robert Woodard Academy, who also took part in the event.

The evening began with pre-dinner drinks and the opportunity to introduce the guests and welcome them to the College. Lower Sixth Former Amelia L-W began the evening with a welcome speech, with further short speeches being given during the dinner. The first of these was given by Fourth Formers Maddie W and Jessica A, who shared some amusing facts on what it is really like to have a doctor as a parent. This was followed by Dr Assiya Halid, a Senior House Officer at Worthing Hospital, who gave some advice on University applications and talked about the opportunities for doctors. Dr. Martyn Hinchcliffe also gave an entertaining speech, briefly recalling his life as a Radiologist. The evening came to an end with Dr Mark Signy, Chairman of the OL Lancing Medics Society, who gave some further advice and insight on what working in the medical sector is like.

Regular seating changes gave all the students a chance to converse with all of the participating doctors, and as the evening progressed, lots of very useful networking and exchanging of email addresses took place, with several doctors offering work experience, help with personal statements, or to visit the College again to talk further.

Overall it was a very valuable evening which gave students a better understanding of what entering the world of Medicine is like, and left many feeling even more motivated to try and pursue this demanding career.