Pupils get inspired by Economics Task

We live in a changing environment and we wanted to put our students in the hot seat. Following the inauguration of Joe Biden, we challenged our Economics students to become Biden's economic advisory group.

Working in time-zoned groups, they were tasked with the job of generating a sound economic package to help steady the USA ship. The array of policy suggestions was fantastic, inspired by the FDR administration and the new deal to the Obama administration, having read exerts of his new book A Promised Land. The ideas that were generated were nothing short of inspirational. Ideas of note were Justin K’s group's plan to tax the stock market; Marcus W's and Miles M’s plan for the Boris Bike scheme across the USA.

There were joint winners which the Department unanimously agreed upon: Wendy L, Heidi T and Johnson W produced an economic stimulus package which would impress any government panel. The clear analysis of the percentages of spending on areas to aid the Covid recovery was outstanding; their package was based on deep analysis of the new deal and a careful thought to the future need for sustainability.

Other winners were Ian L and Claudia W who not only researched FDR’s administration but modernised the ideas and developed them with a focus of eliminating income inequality. It was described as an inspirational piece of creative thinking that incorporated cleverly created videos on the travel corridors they would create. Their main project to reduce unemployment was to build a transatlantic tunnel ...! These students might put Boris Johnson under pressure!

As a Department we have been thoroughly impressed with the pupils' outstanding work and passion for the economic stimulus packages that they created.

Catherine Mole, Head of Business & Economics