Pupils join the Green Group

The Group was founded during the last academic year with the aim to look at solutions to reduce the school’s environmental impact. We now have 14 pupils involved from the Fourth Form onwards, and we will continue to work on the project next year, hopefully with the addition of many more members.

We meet once or twice every half term to discuss ideas and actions that could be feasible for the school to implement, and the relevant people who can undertake them. It’s a nice discursive meeting rather than blitzing through bullet points, and everyone brings forward ideas and suggestions from each House.

Our ideas have mainly come from observations of pupils’ behaviour and the way the school works; we also discuss ongoing environmental issues. So far our biggest success this year has been the rolling out of the new recycling scheme: we’ve distributed new recycling waste bins at various strategic points, with catchy posters and labels to increase the rates of recycling across the school. This should continue to grow next year. There have also been slightly more subtle, behind the scenes changes, such as rolling out automatic lights to reduce energy usage.

Plans for next year include pushing further towards green energy, reduce ‘food miles’ by increasing the number of locally sourced and seasonal products, and by looking at solutions to reduce the amount of paper used in school.

This has all been possible thanks to the hard work of Mr Brookes, Mr Merryweather and Mrs Mann, but most importantly to the pupils who have contributed so much to the group. None of this would be possible without their continued work and enthusiasm.

William P, Fifth Form