Record Numbers at Oldest OLs Day 2019

This was our seventh Oldest OLs day, the first one was held in 2007, 12 years ago. Then we had 60 guests and this time another record was broken as we had over 140. Loyal Lancing men, Robin Barton and John Hart had attended that inaugural lunch and we were delighted to welcome them again in 2019.

OLs receive an invitation to this event after their 75th birthday and this year it was wonderful to see that we had 29 newcomers in the crowd. Gibbs’ house topped the leader board with its attendance, closely followed by Sanderson’s and Head’s. It was a special day too for the 14 OLs who left in 1959 as they were celebrating 60 years since they left the College. Anthony Phillips, Gibbs’ 1954-1959 had not only corralled his contemporaries for the occasion but also designed a commemorative Lancing crest LX tie which proved to be a popular purchase for many.

The day began with a service in Chapel, a lesson was read by David Lloyd, Gibbs’ 1954-1959, David Reindorp, Field’s 1966-1971 gave the sermon and challenged both young and old in the congregation to think about what their beliefs were and what their legacies to the world might be and the choir sang a beautiful anthem, ‘Listen Sweet Dove’ by Grayston Ives. After Chapel we moved to the dining hall for a drinks reception and lunch. The Head Master managed to call order despite the buzz in the room from old reunited friends. The Chairman of The OL Club, Martin Todd, Field’s 1969-1973 spoke after lunch about the importance of these occasions and Telford Shute gave the vote of thanks on behalf of the assembled gathering. The next Oldest OLs day will be on Saturday 13 June 2021.