Saints’ House... One Year on

The first year of Saints’ House has been a fantastic experience for all of us. The unique aspect of Saints’ is not that we are comprised of boys and girls; it is instead the closeness developed between pupils which creates such a strong identity for the House. 
It is certainly a place where pupils have been able to build strong and honest relationships with each other. As one of the Lancing Houses, we have participated in countless sporting events, putting forward the first ever co-ed Basketball and Badminton teams. A performance in the Inter-House Music Competition will certainly be remembered, and our contributions to Drama throughout the year have seen Saints’
pupils participate in 11 productions, taking on over 30 roles. 
Highlights from the pupils would certainly include our weekly brunch sessions. This is always a popular occasion and an opportunity to sit together across the year groups and share stories, anecdotes… and bacon sandwiches. Quizzes, variety shows, pamper parties, dance exhibitions and many other events have been arranged by the pupils for the pupils this year; it has been both entertaining and enjoyable to see. 
Next year we’ll see another exciting challenge for Saints’ House as we grow to welcome 20 new pupils. These pupils will join the founding members and will be welcomed and encouraged to contribute to this community. I’m sure that Saints’ House will continue to have plenty to offer for many years to come.

Sue Lawrence, Housemistress


When I joined Saints’ back in September, it felt like such a warm and comforting environment: I was welcomed by everyone
in the House and I felt at home straight away. Having boys and girls in the same House makes it feel more like a family; the
girls are also very good at keeping us boys in order! I really enjoy our Tuesday brunch, when we get together in our ‘House
families’ − five pupils with a House Captain as the family leader. I have loved my first year in Saints’ and I am looking forward
to next year.

Bradley H, Third Form


One of the greatest qualities of Saints’ is that we are like a family. Being a small House means we know each other very well, and everyone has forgotten who is in which year group. The older pupils offer help to younger ones with homework and general advice about the school, and we just spend time all together as a community. 

Natalie M, Third Form


There is so much I love about Saints’. I especially like where the House is situated; it is really nice to be able to pop back
at breaks and in between lessons. We have lots of activities going on all the time, and they all contribute to the sense of
community of the House. At first I wasn’t sure how to feel about Saints’ being a co-ed House, but I found that you just get to
know everyone and become friends really quickly − no matter what gender you are!

Zoe C, Third Form