SGS pupils join in enrichment classes

Over 80 Sixth Form pupils from Steyning Grammar School joined the College’s online enrichment programme during the last five weeks of the Summer Term. Lancing pupils have benefited from a seamless and swift transition to online classes throughout the recent closure of all schools. As part of a unique programme to provide further enrichment to those preparing for university, Sixth Form pupils from SGS enrolled in a wide range of courses designed both to offer extension material relevant to their university courses, and to pique their wider intellectual curiosity.
Over 40 topics were on offer to the 200 pupils from both schools, delivered live and recorded for pupils who were unable to access them on the day. Commenting on the uptake from pupils, James Gardner-Martin, Head of Year 13 at SGS said: ‘I was delighted to see nearly a third of all our students joining in the Lancing programme.The feedback from those students has been universally positive. It’s been great to see our students interacting so fully with your wonderfully knowledgeable staff’.
SGS pupils were equally enthusiastic, with one student commenting: ‘The Psychology course I attended couldn’t have been better, it really encouraged me to take Psychology alongside my Sociology course at university.’
Another student said: ‘The teachers from Lancing were super lovely and everyone was very welcoming. It was very enjoyable and did what I wanted it to do – which was something productive in lockdown other than watching TV all day!’