Showcasing our Geographers' Talents

The Lancing Geographer is a journal of original academic writing by students at Lancing College. Edited by a dedicated team of A Level Geography students, it aims to showcase the talents of geographers across the school. Many of the articles derive from the A Level Geography projects that students complete each year which count towards their final grade. These projects are often of such a high quality that an article is a great way to enable the work to reach a wider audience.

In the current edition, the articles on Hong Kong, Bahrain Bay and the Adur all derived from original fieldwork-based research. Other articles are produced by students based on their own interests and ideas, such as those articles on North Korea and the reintroduction of wolves. It is the aim of the editorial board that all year groups are able to have their work included and as such many Third Form students had their creative maps included in the latest issue; they were produced for the geography map competition that ran earlier in the year. This year we have also even been able to include some work from a Year 7 student at Lancing Prep Worthing and this is something we hope to be able to do more of in later editions.

Much of the early work in the latest issue was done remotely. The editorial team cut down the A Level projects into readable and engaging articles – which in itself is an art! They also commissioned work and encouraged writers from across the school (students and OLs). They were able to develop not only their leadership skills and powers of persuasion but also, through the writing of their own articles, develop intellectual leadership amongst their peers.

The Lancing Geographer will be a source of inspiration for Geography students across all year groups for years to come.

Richard Bustin, Head of Geography