Sixth Formers explore College Artefacts

Museum Club is a Sixth Form activity which has existed since 2014. Students meet every week and are currently working through the process of cataloguing artefacts belonging to the College. The project is led by the Classics Department, which has taken on the quest to revive the Lancing College Museum.
Despite the rich history of the school’s Museum, the significance and origins of the artefacts within its collection remain unknown to the wider College body. At some point in the last century there was a large permanent exhibition of historical artefacts in the new block, now one of the MFL classrooms. After numerous items were stolen, it was decided that they should be moved into storage for their own protection, a task which was undertaken by the Archivist in the early 1990s. The artefacts remained mostly undisturbed in storage until 2014, when Museum Club was founded as a Sixth Form activity, and the task of digitalising the catalogue began. So far around 75% of the artefacts in storage have been catalogued accordingly. We have taken on a range of responsibilities, from sifting through boxes of intriguing items and photographing them, to measuring their dimensions, estimating their respective time periods and planning displays. This has been a lengthy and intricate process, which has required careful handling. 
During the last academic year, the glass display cabinet in Great School has been renovated and put into use; it now displays an array of ancient weaponry, armour and some obscure ethnographical objects. As this is an amateur project, we have sought local expert advice on the restoration and conservation of the artefacts from contacts at Worthing Museum.
Through our work we aim to introduce more students to this activity to make the collection more widely available, whether in a digital capacity or as a corporeal museum.

Henry J and Stephanie O, Lower Sixth