Sporting Highlights - 1 March 2019

On the Friday of the Half Term break, a dedicated group of rock climbers went out to compete in the fourth and final round of the regional winter competition. Each climber attempted the 25 so-called ‘boulder problems’ that range in difficulty from reasonable to ridiculous. Impressive moves did not go unnoticed: such as Bradley K’s ‘dyno’ – a flying jump towards a much higher hold – and outstanding balance and finger-breaking crimps on tiny edges by Daniel S. At the end of the night, team Captain Harry F placed himself fourth regionally.

Next week, the climbing team will head out for the annual inter-school climbing competition. The competition will be tough: the largest number of school teams ever has joined, with climbers also travelling in from Hampshire and London. But do not worry, rock climbers fear neither gravity, nor a good challenge. Best of luck to the climbing team!

On Thursday afternoon the 1st, 2nd and 3rd teams travelled across the Surrey Hills to Charterhouse.

Our 1st team took an early lead and finished the first quarter 8-3 ahead with great centre court play from Bella M and Molly C-H. With impressive defence from Mabel W, Tash C and Rosie H, Charterhouse never fully recovered and the final score was 39-10 to Lancing. MVP was awarded to Rosie H, on her debut for the 1st team.

The 2nd team continued their winning streak, dominating Charterhouse from start to finish, with a final score of 40-10. Lancing maintained pressure and focus throughout and kept standards high. A fantastic team effort with MVP going to Imogen S.

The mighty 3rd team almost had their first victory. With some early turnovers and interceptions from Emily S and Maddy W, the girls began the third quarter in the lead 11-6.
The intensity and competitiveness increased in the third quarter as Lancing began to tire and Charterhouse picked up the pace and number of goals scored. With only 30 seconds left on the clock in the final quarter and 14-13 down, the pressure was on. However, amazing defending by Sophie M and Emily S combined with the exceptional shooting of Hannah McG with seconds to spare, and resulted in the third team walking away with a well-deserved 14-14 draw. MVP was awarded to Sophie M. 

On Wednesday afternoon, Lancing’s Rugby Sevens team travelled to Hove for the U18 Sussex Development tournament. The team played four matches in total (all in a row, unheard of in Sevens tournaments), scoring three exceptional tries. After an initial settling-in period the team worked out how to play well together and became a formidable unit. Fifty yard breakthrough tries from Cameron Y and Jake N were the pick of the day. Stand out performances came from Punn Punn I, Cameron Y and Kadir C, with all boys in the team working exceptionally hard in what was a challenging day.

Last weekend saw the completion of 2019 County Swimming Championships with five Lancing swimmers collecting 32 age group medals plus six Junior Championship medals between them. Swimmers were Grace S, Damian T, George C, James R and Archie N. George, James and Archie made it an exciting 1, 2 and 3 in the final of the boys' 100m freestyle  and also achieved a 1,2 and 3 in the final top swimmer awards 14 years age group, with George collecting 7438 championship points, James R collecting 7209, and Archie collecting 6203.

George won 10 gold, 8 silver and 2 bronze medals, and broke the boys 800m County record. James picked up 10 silvers, 4 bronzes and won gold in the last final of the Championships – the 100m breast stroke – where he won from an outside lane. Grace finished sixth overall in a very competitive age group (despite sustaining an injury) and showed real courage storming through to take bronze in her final race,. the 100 butterfly. Both George and James are now highly ranked nationally and are looking to make British Championship and National qualifying times over next few weeks, with Archie and Grace getting closer to competing at Nationals all the time. Very well done to all