Sporting Highlights - 15 December 2017

Sporting highlights – End of Advent Term 2017

It has been another action packed term for Lancing Sport. We have regularly heard about a good deal of individual success and no doubt this will continue each week next term. We applaud all of those who have represented the College above and beyond the school team level. The focus of these reports is to give a special congratulation to those amongst us who travel the south east as part of one of the many teams that Lancing fields. 

This term alone, over 300 pupils (50% plus of the total roll) have donned the blue and white in search of some #prideinthebadge. Hats off to the Third Form, where almost 75% pupils in that year group have represented one of the College teams. 

On what was our busiest weekend of the term 247 of you played in competitive matches – that’s almost half the entire pupil population! 

With the main competitive terms for Cross-Country, Fives, Squash and Swimming coming after Christmas, we look forward to weekly good news from these sports in 2018. 

We owe a debt of gratitude to Will E, who this week ran the House Squash event. It was a well organised, run and attended event that in the end was won by Teme House.

We also congratulate Alice C who found out this week that she has been taken forward from the ECB regional performance trials and is one step closer towards England Cricket representation. 

With a dedicated few training each Sunday, the Fencing club continues to perform well. The most recent success came last Sunday when Lancing hosted the junior county event. Here, Leo S won the Bronze in the U14 Foil competition. 

Girls' Hockey
The Hockey Club has played 64 fixtures this term scoring 88 goals across seven teams. Season highlights included the two wins for the U15B team over Roedean and Bede's, as well as the U14A team making an excellent start to its time at Lancing, winning five times. In the Senior years, the 1st XI won six of its 15 games scoring 41 goals in the process. It was these two teams that fought hard for the best win percentage, with the title being taken on the last day of the season, when the 1st XI beat KES Witley 12-0 with nine different scorers! The final stats saw the U14A winning 38.5% of its games, and the 1st XI winning 40%.

The golden stick for the top scorer across the club was hard fought, with Rosy H coming third with five goals in 11 games, Georgia T finishing second with 11 in 14, and Molly C-H leading way, with 12 in 14 matches. 

Half Colours are awarded to: Lydia B, Molly C-H, Anna F, Louise H, Megan Js, Cerys J, Savannah K, Bella M, Bupi M, Maddison S, Sophie W and Mabel W.

Full Colours are awarded to: Eugenie D and Rebecca L.

The Football Club has played 92 matches this term, scoring 175 goals across 12 teams. Season highlights included the epic draws at Winchester for the U14 and U15 C teams, the 1-1 draw for the U15A team at Bradfield and the amazing 6-6 draw for the U14A team in the last game of the season against Ardingly. The best may yet still be to come though as the U14, U15 and 1st XI teams will all continue in the County Cups after the break. 

In the Senior years we heard last week about the 5th XI win over Tonbridge, with the squad ending up winning the team of the week award with a record breaking 70% of the vote. It has, however, been the 1st XI that has led the way, remaining unbeaten since Half Term and recording the result of its season last weekend in a 1-0 away win at Ardingly. The squad has a quite remarkable 50% win rate and is unbeaten in 10 of its 14 games. 

The golden boot contenders have scored 37 goals between three pupils. In third place is Louis Q-J with seven in nine games; in second place is Isaac A with 12 in 12; and the clear winner is Demi A, scoring 18 in 12 – that’s 1.5 goals per game!

With the 1st XI still having both Cup and League interests after the break, the full list of colours will be announced next term. However, for the Advent Term we mark the particular contribution of two Upper Sixth Form pupils who, up to this point, have not been awarded colours;

Half colours are awarded to: Rupert J-D and Frankie T.