UCAS Support for Sixth Formers

UCAS preparation starts in the Lower Sixth, where students are encouraged to invest time and thought into planning for their future after Lancing. Working with tutors and the specialist UCAS team headed by Dr Mark Walsh, Head of Higher Education Applications, pupils are encouraged to take advantage of new research tools, talk to staff and attend the open days in their short-listed universities.

Poor initial research can lead to making inappropriate and unsuitable university choices, so investing in this process is life informing. Lancing also holds sessions with parents to ensure they are prepared to provide full support to their children when going through the application process.

In 2016, 78% of Lancing Upper Sixth students were accepted at their first choice of university. During the last term of the Lower Sixth, the College arranges UCAS presentations and seminars with several UK universities. The subjects vary, from choosing the right courses and universities, to writing competitive personal statements or learning new ways to study. Once they come back to start their final year in the Upper Sixth, the students meet every Saturday, from September until mid-November, to work on their university applications under the guidance of Dr Walsh and his team.

UCAS workshop


Saturday 16 September at 09.30 – Upper Sixth Form UCAS Presentation: Gap Years and Volunteering, Sanderson Room

Tuesday 26 September at 19.00 – Upper Sixth Form UCAS Presentation: Oxbridge and Medics Application Training, Cherry Hall

Saturday 30 September at 09.30 – Upper Sixth Form UCAS Presentation: University of Sussex, Sanderson Room