About Lancing Prep Hove



Underpinned by the Christian values that come with being a Woodard school, Lancing Prep Hove aspires to be a school where integrity and kindness run through everything that we do – to be a good school in every sense of the word. With dedicated teachers and support staff, each pupil’s contributions to the school’s intellectual, physical and cultural development will be recognised and celebrated. Ours is a school which is small enough to be a family, but big enough for everyone to have bold ambitions.



  • To educate girls and boys to develop a love of learning and to reach their full potential, enriched by the arts and physical activities.
  • To find the way in which each child can be successful and celebrated, and look to develop their creativity and their independence of thought.
  • For the children to have confidence and self-belief, along with a strong set of values to see them far beyond their days at LPH.  Their preparation for senior school education goes beyond the academic.
  • For the children to feel supported and nurtured in a school where everyone genuinely cares for the whole community.