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To say that we are living in strange times would be an over-used under-statement, and yet it is also very true. A quick Google search tells me that the alleged ancient Chinese curse 'may you live in interesting times' has no known source, but it always brings to my mind the wonderful Terry Pratchett novel, ‘Interesting Times’. There will be children in the older years at school who may not yet have discovered the joy of Discworld and I would urge them to give the series a go. With plenty to laugh about and set in a world far removed from our own, the Discworld novels would seem to offer perfect escapism for us all.

While we aren’t enjoying the wonder of escaping into a good book, it is a pleasure to report on the learning that the children are engaged in so positively while they are at home. We’ve thoroughly enjoyed meeting each others’ pets as they sometimes join us for lessons and have laughed together online just as we do when we are together. It isn’t the same, but seeing so many positive children - and teachers - reminds us all how lucky we are to have each other to lean on and learn together. There is nothing remote about our distance learning.

Of course, there will be times for each of us when we worry. Having as much time together as possible allows us to reassure each other and, now more than ever, the teachers are aware that it is pastoral care that underpins everything we do. Sometimes, though, the children show insight that brings us all up short. The teachers frequently share with each other moments of joy, and I would like to share one special piece of PSHE created by a pupil in Year 2. Her words are eloquent and her ideas thoughtful, and perfect to share with the community that is Lancing Prep Hove.

WORRYING by Myla (Year 2)

'Worrying is a natural thing. Everyone does it sometimes. In fact, I worry sometimes but worrying also helps you understand and overcome your fears. So if anyone ever has the same worries, like your children, you can explain. I have a good imagination but at night it makes every breath of wind sound like a vicious beast.'

“You’re safe. You’re lovely. You’re loved.”

How to get rid of worries

  • Put them in a box
  • Think of a positive for each of your worries
  • Take them out again, and smile