Dr Harry O Brünjes

Chair of Governors
Harry Brunjes

Dr Harry Brünjes graduated from London University and qualified in Medicine at Guy’s Hospital. His career has been in medicine, initially as a hospital doctor, progressing to having his own practice in Harley Street, before playing a leading role in a number of privately owned medical groups. He retains interests across the medical profession and in 2010 was elected Vice-President of the College of Medicine; he is also a Fellow of the Royal Society of Medicine.

Harry has a lifelong interest in music and theatre, is a Council member of Southwark Cathedral Development Trust and is Chairman of the English National Opera and The London Coliseum. He is a regular writer, broadcaster and lecturer. Harry is a former parent of Lancing College and married to Jacquie Storey (well-known dancer and choreographer); their four children all attended the school.